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D-Models scale kits & ready-made models

We are currently offering models in the following scales: 1/25 ; 1/35 ; 1/50 .

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Resin truck toy



Get to know the man behind the steering wheel

     The passion for modelism came for Dan in a period when kits were very hard to get because of the political regime, and that's how he started building his own models from remains of ABS, aviation plywood, cardboard and other materials.

     After years of improving his work in the modelism field, Dan started his own company in 2001, producing military models at 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 scale for stores and resellers across Europe.

     Since 2007, Dan's focus shifted to 1/50 scale construction models where he produced an impressive range of heavy machinery and trucks. The newest segment is the 1/25 scale truck kits focusing on classic American trucks from the '50 to late 70'.
3D printing became a big part of the prototyping and production process and recently we are happy to have started a collaboration with Andrei Dilă, an amazing product designer who raised the accuracy and details to new standards.

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